The system was founded in New Zealand in 2006, and has been recording outstanding growth rates on the Australian, American, UK, South African and European markets to date. The once modest accounting project has turned into a millions-worth corporation with 20 offices settled in different parts of the world.

Key advantages of Xero that would greatly benefit an organization;

  1. Xero is a reputable large international system,
  2. with a proven track record in Namibia since its introduction in the market.
  3. It is 100% compatible with the Namibian legal and financial systems.
  4. It offer ease of use, even for non-financial managers.
  5. It is equally easy to use on all devices and does not tie one down to a PC (i.e. PC, laptops, tablets and smart phones), thus no additional hardware need to be purchased in the use of Xero.
  6. Ease of access wherever you travel or anywhere in the world.
  7. Cloud based in line with world-wide trends.
  8. Approved by Namibian Auditors
  9. It offers many third party software add-ons for specialist needs.
  10. And is a very affordable ERP solution, offering great value for money.
  11. Offer two step authentication for added safety.
  12. Automated backup to cloud.
  13. Fully customizable to fit individual/specific needs.
  14. Reduced paper work and advanced financial reporting features.

Advanced Tech cc is a certified Xero Partner/Advisor with 7 years of experience and offer the following support services;

  1. Set up and configuration of the organization on Xero and get it 100% ready to operate the system.
  2. Train people, both those with a financial background and non-financial managers alike.
  3. Offer full local support of the organizations on Xero.